Stella Artois 307413 Beer Glasses Review

Stella Artois 307413 Beer Glasses Review

Choosing the right beer glasses for your home or business can be difficult. Aside from the fact that you have to consider which beer you enjoy drinking the most, you also have to think about the number of people you want to drink that beer with.

Not only this, you need to ensure that your beer glassware is made of the highest quality materials so that they can withstand toasts between friends and the power of your dishwasher.

Beer glassware made by reputable beer manufacturers is often the best quality, and it comes with original logos and artwork adding a level of class and sophistication to your beer drinking experience.

Stella Artois 6-Pack Original Glass Chalice


Chalices are some of the most popular and visually appealing beer glasses available. They are also the perfect choice for drinking a huge variety of beers, a key reason why we would like to bring your attention to the Stella Artois 6-Pack Original Glass Chalices.

About The Product

Made with functionality, style, and quality in mind, the Stella Artois 6-Pack Original Glass Chalices are gold-rimmed glasses that come with the authentic and original Stella Artois logo, a feature that is bound to impress any house guests.

These sophisticated chalices are handcrafted to optimize your beer drinking experience, especially if your beer of choice is Stella Artois. That being said, these chalices are perfect for virtually any beer.

While these chalices have the same shape as the commonly used goblet, they are made of thicker glass walls and are therefore heavier. This feature allows them to retain the temperature of your beer for longer.

These Stella Artois chalices are also perfect for heavier, malty beers such as German Bocks and Belgian ales. They have a slightly narrower opening at the top which means they capture the flavors and aromas of your beer.

Not only this, the thinner top helps you maintain a slightly thinner foam head, thus giving you more space to fully enjoy the flavor of the beer itself.

In addition to all the above, these Stella Artois chalices come with the brand’s original printed star stem which enables you to keep your body heat away from your beer, thus leaving you with a cold, crisp beer for longer.

Last but not least, the Stella Artois 6-Pack Original Glass Chalices can hold a whopping 33cl, or 11 ounces of liquid, meaning that you can pour your favorite bottled or canned beers into your glass.

This beer glassware is crafted of the highest quality, durable glass making it completely dishwasher friendly and able to withstand even the toughest of toasts with your friends and family.

The Stella Artois 6-Pack Original Glass Chalices also come in sets of two and four as well as single glasses, all of which have individual price tags.

What We Like

With more than 95% of nearly 700 customers giving the Stella Artois 6-Pack Original Glass Chalices a 4-star rating or more, it is hard to find anything to dislike about these beer glasses.

Of the many positive customer reviews, folks have enjoyed giving this set to friends and family as a gift on multiple occasions. Not only this, nearly everyone loves the decorative features which add a level of class and elegance to each glass.

Those who wrote in already loving the Stella Artois beer say that these glasses enhance the flavor further, making the beer even more refreshing and aromatic.

Many reported receiving their package in very good timing and were extremely impressed with the exceptional packaging. In fact, there are virtually no reports of any damages or broken chalices.

Customers love how base heavy these chalices are, making them less likely to topple over and break. They have been described as extremely well crafted and some have said that their package came in a stylish Stella Artois box.

In addition to all the above, folks say that the branding and gold rim are thick making them dishwasher friendly.

Stella Artois 6-Pack Original Glass Chalice

All in all, these Stella Artois 6-Pack Original Glass Chalices have thoroughly impressed customers and have earned their stamp as some of the best beer glassware on the market at the moment.

What We Don’t Like

While the large majority of customers love their Stella Artois 6-Pack Original Glass Chalices, others were not as impressed with the product they received.

Of these slightly more negative reviews, some customers were not happy with the shape of the glass as they could not fit their hand and sponge inside to clean them and therefore had to put them in the dishwasher.

Despite many praising the packaging in which these chalices come, others received them without the original box, making their purchase experience less special.

One customer, in particular, was also not happy with the fact that one of the glasses came with a bubble imperfection.

Last but not least, some say they received thin versions of the authentic Stella Artois glasses, thus making them likely to smash very easily.

Despite these negative reviews, the majority of customers gave this glass set stellar ratings, making it one of the best sets of beer glassware available.

Our Recommendation

If you’re interested in buying these authentic Stella Artois glasses then we recommend you head over to Amazon. Aside from giving you a choice of a set of two, four, or six, you can also buy individual models.

Amazon sells the pack of six chalices at the low price of less than $45. Each set has its own price tag, and during the holiday season, there are special edition holiday versions available.

Our Verdict…

Whether you want to purchase a new set of chalices for your home or need a top up for your bar or restaurant, the Stella Artois 6-Pack Original Glass Chalices will not disappoint.

Stella Artois 6-Pack Original Glass Chalice


Made of the highest quality glass and embellished with the original Stella Artois logo and gold rim, these chalices are not only extremely durable but will add a level of class and elegance to any beer drinking experience, especially if you fill them with Stella Artois beer.

Our Rating

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