Libbey 80681 Beer Glasses Review

Libbey 80681 Beer Glasses Review

Choosing the right beer glass is challenging because each type of beer glass has its own set of unique benefits. Not only this, each different type of beer glass is designed to suit specific types of beer.

In order to choose the best beer glassware for your home or business, you first need to think about the type of beer you like to drink. This is because various beer glasses are suited to individual beers.

Not only this, you must think about the number of glasses you want to purchase. Today, beer glassware sets come in packs of two, four, six, eight, end sometimes even ten.

In order to do so, you must consider whether you are more of a solo beer drinker or whether you prefer to share your beer drinking experience with loved ones.

Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set

Last but not least, you need to evaluate the quality of the beer glasses you are looking at. Most beer glass sets designed by renowned beer manufacturers are tried and tested with additional features that make them less likely to smash and easier to stack in your cabinet.

If you’re a beer enthusiast who likes to drink a variety of beers and is sick and tired of drinking from your normal drinking glasses, we recommend you check out the Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set.

About The Product

The Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set comes with one glass to suit every beer drinking experience. Whether you’re entertaining family and friends or just want to taste a variety of beers throughout the week, this set has it all.

Of this six-piece set, you’ll benefit from six different types of beer glasses. The first one is a classic pilsner glass designed to give you a good look at the beer you are drinking thanks to its ample height and narrow width.

It is a standard 15.25-ounce glass that is suitable for drinking a variety of lighter beers including pilsner. Thanks to its shape you’ll also find that the beer keeps its head for significantly longer.

The second glass in this Libbey set is a classic English pub glass. Also referred to as a Nonic glass, the English pint glass has a slight dip towards the top, making it easier to hold and stack in your kitchen cabinet as well as less likely to smash.

It can hold up to 20 ounces of liquid and is perfect for drinking a huge variety of beers including pale, medium, and dark ales, as well as IPAs.

Third in this six-piece set is a traditional Belgian ale glass which comes in a similar shape to a tulip glass. Its globe shape and flared out opening allows it to capture aromas and taste, thus making it perfect for drinking more aromatic beers. 

The craft pub glass in this set is great for medium to dark ales and beers and can hold up to 20 ounces of liquid. It is shaped like a cross between a pilsner and pint glass and is awesome at retaining the foam on the top of your beer.

The 14.75-ounce porter or stout glass comes in the shape of a snifter and is great for high alcohol by volume beers thanks to its bulbous shape which locks in all the flavors. Thanks to its short stem, your hand will warm your beer to the perfect temperature while you drink it.

Lastly, the 23-ounce weizen glass is designed specifically for wheat beers as its narrow base is said to trap the yeast at the bottom of the beer.

All six beer glasses are made of the highest quality glass and are 100% dishwasher safe. This is the perfect gift for any beer fanatic.

What We Like

Of the nearly 300 customer reviews, many commented on how much they love the packaging with which it comes, saying that each glass has its own unique description. The description tells you about food pairings as well as the best type of beer to drink out of each specific glass.

Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set


Of the customer reviews, the majority received their set as a gift and were extremely happy with the quality with which these glasses are made. Folks love how durable this set is and love the clarity that each glass offers.

Aside from their durability, people love the look of this set, saying that it is a great addition to any beer enthusiast’s collection.

Many have commented on how nice it is to learn about different beers and ciders using these glasses, and have reported their beer drinking experience being significantly enhanced since buying or receiving this set.

What We Don’t Like

With an overall rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, it is very difficult to find anything to fault about this Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set. While negative reviews are very few and far between, some customers were less happy with their purchase than others.

Of these unsatisfied customers, some were not happy with the fact that the glasses are slightly bigger than the average amount of beer in a bottle or can, thus leaving a lower quality head on the top of the beer.

Aside from this, some customers received their set broken in the post, leaving them with no option but to return it to the manufacturer.

Our Recommendation

If you believe that the Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set is the one for you, we recommend you head over to Amazon to make your purchase.

Aside from offering the best price of less than $35 for the whole set, you’ll also benefit from free shipping straight to your doorstep.

Our Verdict…

If you’re looking for a beer glassware set that offers a variety of beer glasses and comes with unique packaging then we can’t recommend the Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set enough.

Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set


In addition to receiving a professional set of beer glasses all made from durable and high-quality glass, you’ll benefit from educational descriptions that will tell you more about the beer you are drinking, the glass that suits it, and the type of meal that it should be associated with.

Our Rating

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